Our Stories showcases members of  our community who have created successful businesses. They have persevered through all stages of business development and expansion. In this episode we feature Dr. Mary Oz a LCSW for 30 years, a Results Oriented Coach for 15 years and is now sought after as A CHANGE EXPERT.

She combines counseling and coaching with a Healing Process called Ho’oponopono and The Law of Attraction! Her clients are experiencing Radical Change in less than 30 days as she helps them receive healing, inspiration, and transformation. Radical Change Coaching Academy is an educational and inspirational program where individuals learn how to heal from within, remove their success blocks, and unlock their greatest you! Radical Change Coaching Academy also has the opportunity to train coaches, where they can learn to be more resourceful.

Dr. Mary Oz teaches her clients the healing power of Ho’oponopono, combined with the Law of Attraction, enabling them to master manifesting quickly and easily. Dr. Mary Oz and her team also teach a powerful program called, “Results Oriented Living,” which helps individuals to understand themselves. We teach our clients how to heal first then master the Law of Attraction.

You can check out Dr. Mary Oz on her Voice America Talk Radio show called Radical Change Now as well as visit her website www.radicalchangenow.com

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