I can’t believe we are celebrating 11 years already of GAIA’S ESSENCE. I’m so humbled and honored to what the company has evolved to and the mission of what we stand for. We believe in eduction, inspiration and empowering others for positive change. The journey has been amazing with many challenges along the way. We have evolved many times over the years to have grown to what we are today. Gaia’s Essence is my first baby and like any mama and I so proud of her :).

When you know what your purpose is even when faced with obstacles  you always stay true to your core. Your TRUTH!!! What’s your why? What makes you excited to get up every day? How is your work impacting others positively? When you enjoy what you are doing it is NEVER work to you. It always is that thing you enjoy doing that others get to benefit from.I am thrilled to have build a company which stands for community and health and supports women in reaching their optimal health.

I’m loving our new Wellness Tea collection. A blend of rooibos teas and herbs known to enhance overall health. If you are a foodie and love to cook our blend of salt and sugar free spices will be a great addition to your favorite meal. Learn more about our products here.

Our conference ( Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Conference) celebrated 10 years this year and we welcomed hundreds of women to share in health, love and life. Over the last decade the conference has grown to become the largest women’s conference on Long Island, NY. A platform where women feel safe to share and inspire each other.




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